Sliding Scale Coaching Sessions With Stephanie Davies

Life can feel crazy these days, and we could all use a little extra support. Which is why I'm opening single spot coaching to the public at a crazy low rate, so we can show up together and make some magic happen.

Whether you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in your personal life, or you'd like to grow and scale an online business, a coaching session could be just what you've been looking for.


How it works

Coaching sessions are paid for on a sliding scale.

You decide what you're ready to invest into yourself, and we get on a 50 minute video chat and get to work. Immediately after you sign up, you'll receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your session.

After our session, you'll receive the recording, and a follow up email with any resources and/or homework that will support the work we did together.

You can book a session once, or maybe you decide you want to meet weekly. The choice is yours.

There are only 10 sessions available each week, and they open to the public every Friday morning at 10am PST. So set your alarm, because they fill up quickly. See you there!

XO Steph

"Since working with Steph, my life is entirely different. I take better care of myself physically, spiritually, mentally. I have time for my friends and family. The habits I had been punishing myself for not doing for years, now flow easily. I left my toxic work environment and launched a company of my own!"

Chelsea Wright
Prosper Real Estate Group Owner

"After working with Steph I manifested my own life coaching clients, without trying to. They literally appeared, asking for my help. The work I manifested while working with Steph covered the cost of my own coaching & the personal breakthroughs that have happened since working with her, I can't put a price on those."

Shelby Rose
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